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Anker 334 MagGo Battery PowerCore 10K

Anker 334 MagGo Battery PowerCore 10K

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Key specifications

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Technical Description

Charge Wirelessly and Attach Magnetically

Super Compact Design

Multi-scenario use case

Excellent Magnetic Attachment

I Phone



2 in 1

More than just a backup battery, built-in powerful magnetic wireless charging.

Put it on and charge it magnetically

Simply attach the charger to the back of your phone to continuously power your device. Compatible from iPhone 12 series to 14 series

Please rest assured

Strong magnetic connection always grips your phone securely.

Charge at high speed

With a maximum input and output of 20W, the power bank charges the iPhone 13 8 times faster than a regular 5W charger. Recharging itself only takes 1.8 hours
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